Rebecca Leech
Rebecca Leech
A selection of wisdom, philosophy, knowledge, paradoxes and dream interpretation derived from my experience as a 22 year old female living on Planet Earth (I started this blog when I was 20). Everything I have written comes from observation and the depths of my own senses! This is my mind...

About me: I'm a student of psychotherapeutic counselling and hypnotherapy, a writer, philosopher and musician. I practice mindfulness, read a lot of books and gain inspiration from nature. I'm on a mission to train my intuitive abilities and understand my mind through my experiences whilst also trying to create my own meaning of life. Expanding my consciousness, real human moments and inspiring others is what brings me the most fulfillment!

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Being highly sensitive in the world…

Here are my negatives and positives from my experience of being a highly sensitive person…

The negatives…

1. If you aren’t strong the world will eat you up for breakfast, it’s hard for a highly sensitive person to cope in this world if they aren’t strong because they feel too much.

2. You pick up on how other people are feeling without them even having to mention what it is they are going through and unless you have gained control, you can think that their problems are your problems, or that they have a problem with you because you get all these waves of negativity flood in for no apparent reason.

3. If you are in a room or a place with a lot of negative people it can affect your mood dramatically, which means that you really have to know how to protect yourself.

4. If you don’t know where the negativity is coming from you can walk around with other people’s problems and not even realise it and the problems can stay there for a long time until you gain the awareness that they weren’t yours to begin with!

5. People will be drawn to you to offload their problems and they will usually disappear when they have finished shifting their negativity onto you, they aren’t interested in what you have to say or being your friend really…

6. If people insult you or hurt you it can take you a long time to recover.

7. It’s hard to be in busy places without your head feeling cluttered and heavy, no matter how much control you gain.

8. If you’re around people that aren’t sensitive themselves or that don’t understand your sensitivities, you can be made to feel like you are awkward and weird.

9.You can care about people too much when you probably shouldn’t as they are responsible for themselves.

10. You realise how much negativity there actually is in the world, which can be hard.

11. You can get drained if you aren’t mindful. When I was in school I was completely unaware that I was highly sensitive and I would have to skip school in the afternoon to take naps!

12. If you don’t take time out for yourself and spend time in nature, you will feel really out of balance until you do.

The positives…

1. Things such as love, peace and joy are more amplified and because they feel so amazing, you live for these things. And the same also applies to music and any other artistic things.

2. Because you can pick up on how people feel, you gain a deeper understanding of people and what they are going through which means you can have more compassion and acceptance. You don’t see the masks that people wear, you see them for who they really are.

3. Because you pick up on how people feel, if you are around someone that is happy, you will feel happy and the happiness will reflect back to them even more.

4. You see so much beauty in the finest details and gain pleasure from the simple moments, such as watching a sunset or sitting by a lake.

5. You can have deep connections with people.

6. You can feel energy, which means you know who you can and can’t trust and who should and shouldn’t be in your life which helps you protect yourself.

7. You get high on life, so you give up needing other methods to give you an artificial high…

8. You feel connected to yourself and you understand your body’s signals.

9. You see the beauty of life and have faith that we will find our way as a human race.

As you can see, there are more negatives than positives to being a highly sensitive person but because the positives are so strong, they definitely outweigh the negatives in my opinion. Although being highly sensitive used to be difficult because I had no clue about how to control it, I now see it as being a blessing. It is also something that I was born with and I do believe it’s what we all are at our deepest core.

Dream interpretation #18

This dream was a very spiritual experience, I’ve never felt anything more profound and vivid in a dream…
The dream…
I was dying, my body was floating in mid air and I was surrounded by light and various universal colours. Beautiful ambient music was playing and I was surrounded by pure, real love. I can remember the feeling so well, it was so beautiful. I was then flying through the universe, passing by nebulae and purple star clusters.  When I awoke, I was filled with a lot of emotions…
The interpretation…
Dying in this dream represented transformation. This was a very positive dream/sign, showing that I am connecting with life and real love and entering a place of peace and exploration in my life.
Facing the inner turmoil is paying off. There was once a time when I thought that my world was crashing in on me. But I have gained more than I ever thought I could…

On self-esteem…

Throughout our lives we experience a series of things that either influence our self-esteem in a negative way or a positive way. It is essentially like we are adding a force field around us that is either filled with negative junk that prevents us from believing in ourselves, or radiant positivity that makes us feel like anything is possible (the latter being rare, of course.)

If someone along your journey insults your image, you spend your life doubting that you look attractive. If someone along your journey insults your intelligence, you spend your life doubting that you are capable. If someone along your journey rejects you, you spend your life thinking that you are unworthy. If you trace back the things that have given you low self-esteem, you will realise how they initially formed, which means you can transform them into something positive out of that awareness. Unfortunately, we live in a world where perfection is the expectation. If you don’t look up to certain standards, you will be made to feel like you are an imperfect waste. If you don’t get an A or B grade you will be made to feel like you are average or stupid. And if you make mistakes it is more than likely that you will be punished. The thing is, people that have good self-esteem and believe in themselves want to create good self-esteem for other people. People that insult or belittle others on their so called imperfections will always have low self-esteem themselves and the process repeats

No matter what people have said to you; whether your childhood impacted you negatively, whether your teachers doubted you or whether your connections failed you, it’s never too late to have good self-esteem. All it takes is a choice to discard all the negative things that have formed a force field around you, start focusing on the positive things people have said and start creating good habits and labels by yourself- for yourself. It takes a lot of training of the mind but it is achievable!

Being a child again, regaining innocence and wonder, suddenly you are reborn as someone that realises their worthiness as a human being….

Is there any humanity?

We spend our lives being trained how to be on auto-pilot. By being on auto-pilot, we are then less inclined to question things, see things and feel things. When we go into the world of work, we obey and comply and because we don’t question things, see things or feel things, we allow ourselves to be treated like little ants that have to gather food for grasshoppers. By being on auto-pilot, we then take various placebo medications that screw up our body’s natural healing processes so that the pharmaceutical companies can make more money. But because we don’t question things, see things or feel things we carry on taking more and more medications. By being on auto-pilot we think that we have to base everything on our appearance and aspire to be like the celebrities that do the same. Because we don’t question things, see things or feel things we become more and more insecure and more and more depressed. By being on auto-pilot we forget that the body isn’t eternal and the earth isn’t never ending, so we treat the planet as we please and feed on all of the resources like they are never ending. If the earth goes, we go but because we don’t question things, see things or feel things, we don’t seem to mind.

Is there any humanity? Isn’t this important to us? Us being here is a miracle. Us getting through all that we have is a miracle. Maybe I’m just crazy, powerless and a dreamer…but I care about all this…about this humanity!

"We are on a journey of exploration and evolution, moving with the destruction and birth of each moment. Every second of experience is an encounter with an essence that is far greater than ourselves, yet also a part of what we are. The people we meet reflect back to us what is needed in order to explore and evolve even more. We can either choose to be in harmony with the essence that is in and around us, or we can choose to repel away from it. Either way, each choice, leads us to more exploration and evolution."

Rebecca Leech

To be ‘cool’, or not to be…

From my observations over the last few years, I’ve realised that to be ‘cool’ in society means that you have to do things that are considered to be ‘bad’ or things that are considered to be popular. It’s a game that I was sucked into in the past, thinking that if I conformed to what was considered to be ‘cool’, then I was one of the cool ones. But why is it that being intelligent, happy and healthy aren’t considered to be cool? Why is it that virtues such as empathy, compassion and being a good friend also aren’t considered to be cool? Although we all have our own definition of what is cool, it just seems, from my experience, that this is so.

My definition of ‘cool’ is being happy, having good health, using your mind positively to create good things and treating people well. It doesn’t matter if other people disagree with me and define me as being a loser for thinking that, i’d rather be an uncool loser than do what other people want me to do just to be liked.

Fizzy bottles, waiting to erupt…

We live in a world where talking about your feelings is considered to be shameful, sinful, weak, attention seeking and morbid. And because of this, we then resort to repression, turning us into fizzy bottles that are waiting to erupt at any given moment. We are emotional beings by nature, so when you are denying your feelings, you are essentially denying who you are. You have to face what you are feeling, take responsibility, express it, deal with it and then it will clear away. No matter how much alcohol you drink, drugs you take, antidepressants you slip in or junk food you eat, shifting your problems to the back of your mind and acting like they will disappear without any of your own intervention, only makes them grow in size and increase in intensity. 
If you can’t find genuine listening ears that empathetically want to understand you, write your feelings down or go to a forest and scream them out, but never let anyone make you feel ashamed because it’s actually a sign of strength to be watchful of your own feelings.

"Human of Earth, wake up and look about yourself and recognise that only you alone can open your path to yourself and make life joyful and successful for yourself. Pay no attention to the belief, but rather be uplifted by the truth; avoid the religions and sects, the false philosophies and ideologies, that preach untruths, because the fundamental truth of all things is alone contained in the Creational and natural laws, and you do not find these in false teachings but alone within yourself. You are yourself the great truth-bringer for you, which is why you must let reason and understanding prevail in order to find the truth within yourself. You yourself are the embodiment of love, freedom, harmony und peace - only you must yourself create it in yourself through your own power. Therefore, it is not the religions, sects and philosophies that bring you all the high values of life but solely and alone you yourself."

B. Meier

Still here.

Even though I felt underestimated, unacknowledged and judged, I still managed to keep pushing. Even though I felt like I had failed, disappointed and unsuceeded, I still managed to keep pushing. Even though I repeated the same mistakes over and over again, I still managed to keep pushing until I finally learnt the lesson. Even though I ignored my intuitive feelings and ended up in bad situations, I still managed to keep pushing. Even though I had bad days and hard times, I still managed to keep pushing.

I kept pushing because I gained appreciation for the wisdom I was gaining. I kept pushing because I realised that I should trust in life. I kept pushing because I understood that the journey of being human requires mistakes and setbacks in order to learn. I kept pushing because the more I pushed, the more strength I gained and the less I started to care if people underestimated me, unacknowledged me or judged me. I kept pushing because I believed in me, so it didn’t matter if other people didn’t. I kept pushing because I was grateful for the fact that I made it through, still breathing, still alive, still here.

What is enlightenment?

This word is spoken of so often in all of the spiritual teachings. 'The guide to enlightenment'. 'The path to enlightenment'. 'The steps to enlightenment'. But what really is enlightenment and is it attainable?

The word enlightenment almost feels like a permanent state of being at total peace and wonder with all that is. A state of completeness. A holy altered state. But enlightenment is a subjective and paradoxical experience just like everything else. What one person may consider enlightenment to be may be different for someone else. And yet the paradox is that it is the same state of ‘upliftment’ for everyone, just like happiness.

It has been theorised that once our basic human needs are fulfilled we can then reach a state of self-actualisation, which is a state of feeling at one with all that is, connected to the self, a complete connection with existence. Even though there are many humans that have their basic human needs fulfilled, there is clearly something blocking them from choosing to be self-actualised. 

Based on how the world is, how there are many people living in poverty, unable to drink clean water and eat decent food means that enlightenment in the way spiritual teachings claim can be considered to be blissfully ignorant. Because a lot of people on this planet are unable to have their basic human needs fulfilled, not out of choice but out of the fact that that’s the unfortunate life that they were born into. It doesn’t mean that people living in poverty aren’t capable of attaining enlightenment however, as we are all human beings with the same spiritual privileges, but when you are struggling to survive everyday, how can you possibly be focused on attaining peace and wonder with all that is.

I feel like you can only experience what it is to be enlightened if you are engaged with your inner world as opposed to only engaging in the external world. I believe that enlightenment really just means awareness. Awareness to your purpose as a human being and actually being connected to reality in the way that nature is. To be enlightened means you have to scrap all that you think you know and start all over again. Drop all the teachings, drop all the theories, drop all the doctrines and learn through your own experience and create your own meaning of life.

Am I enlightened?

I feel like I could only class myself as enlightened if peace was actually restored on this planet and there was no longer any form of suffering. I do indeed have enlightening moments and I am engaged with my inner world, but I know that other people’s suffering is also my suffering because we are part of the same human race. I also don’t believe that anything is permanent as our perspectives change as we move with the flow of time. I may think that I am enlightened and then in 5 years I look back and realise that I actually knew nothing!

Enlightenment is a subjective and paradoxical experience just like everything else.

The wonder of books…


"I have read my books by many lights, hoarding their beauty, their wit or wisdom against the dark days when I would have no book, nor a place to read. I have known hunger of the belly kind many times over but I have known a worse hunger; the need to know and to learn.”- Louis L’Amour

When I was in school I found it hard to keep my brain stimulated by the information that was being fed to me. The only time I actually had any satisfaction was when I was (on a rare occasion) shown BBC Space or a David Attenborough series and thus my attendance, attitude and grades were appalling. Luckily, my interest in UFOs and Space as a teenager kept my mind occupied enough to widen my attention span and learn from books (and experience, of course); which have given me more wonder and hope than my education before the age of 17 ever did!

"People come in and out of our lives as fast as the seasons change. Some people will irritate you. Some people will inspire you. Some people will judge you. Some people will amaze you. But every person that you encounter on your journey will help you discover a little piece of who you are. Every person that you encounter will show you exactly who you are; good and bad, happy and sad. Every person that you encounter will add an extra puzzle piece to the puzzle of your life. Always be grateful for the paths that you cross, for they help you see what couldn’t of been seen before…"

Rebecca Leech