Rebecca Leech
Rebecca Leech
A selection of wisdom, philosophy, knowledge, paradoxes and dream interpretation derived from my experience as a 22 year old female living on Planet Earth. Everything I have written comes from observation and the depths of my own senses! This is my mind...

About me: I'm a student of psychotherapeutic counselling and hypnotherapy, a writer, philosopher and musician. I practice mindfulness, have a passion for books and gain inspiration from nature. I'm on a mission to train my intuitive abilities and understand my mind through my experiences whilst also trying to create my own meaning of life. Expanding my consciousness, real human moments and inspiring others is what brings me the most fulfillment!

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Facing our stuff…

We all have our own ‘stuff’ that we have to deal with. Lessons to learn. Problems to face. Predicaments. Decisions…

But when we deny that we have stuff that we need to face and we don’t resolve things, we may be inclined to make our problems other people’s problems; punish them, blame them, target them. All in order to avoid facing ourselves…

But we have to face ourselves, if we want to evolve. We have to see our negative traits, if we want to transform them. And we have to get to know our bad points, if we want to progress on this perplexing journey of life.

But if we don’t want to accept that we have our own ‘stuff’ to face, our stuff will add more stuff, which will add more stuff, and that stuff will keep on growing!

Dream interpretation #21

The dream…

I was sitting on my own at the back of a classroom that was filled with a lot of people. Everyone was misbehaving, ignoring the teacher, throwing paper planes, gossiping and saying judgemental things to each other. Someone was at the board and asked if anyone wanted to write on it, I shot my hand up and said “I DO!”.


Everyone laughed at what I wrote and stopped talking, I then said…

"There is a lot of judgement going on in this class… but does anyone ever stop to think that this is the type of messaging that is coming across to people? When you are judging someone else you are basically implying that you are perfect, that you are better and that other people should be jealous of you. But no one should be jealous of you and you are not better because you are being judgemental, and that doesn’t make you a role model to anyone."

People listened and looked at me in a contemplative way, ambient music that evoked feeling started playing…

I then said, “Life is precious and fleeting…”

The teacher then said, “We aren’t here very long…”

I then clicked my fingers and said, “That’s how fast your life goes by…And if you think of the time humanity has been here on this planet on the grand scheme of things, it’s literally only a minute that’s gone by…”

The class was completely silent…

I then said, “There was once a time where man was living in caves and now here we all are in this cosy class room with this great music playing at the back…What will it take to finally start treating each other with a bit of kindness and compassion?

Everyone looked at me…I then walked out of the classroom…

The infinite continuum of hurdles…

As much as it may seem like we are all enrolled in a competition, we really just aren’t. The messaging that is churned into us throughout our lives is that we need to compete against each other, it’s like we are all made to believe that we are running in a race and whoever can get to the finish line is the best. But there is no finish line because the journey of life is an infinite continuum of hurdles. And there is no race because we all have a different pace and a different definition of what it means to win. Imagine if we all said, I am ok the way that I am, I don’t need to be the best or have the most. And I don’t need to keep trying to prove that I am the furthest ahead in the race!

It isn’t a competition. It never was and it will never be…

Imagine if we all said, I am ok the way that I am. I don’t need to be the best or have the most. And I don’t need to keep trying to prove that I am the furthest ahead in the race!

Authenticity to the world…

From going deep within myself, I’ve discovered my hopes and my highs. I am more understanding of my authentic self and try to live a life that shows that person to the world. I know that, who I am, may not resonate with many people. Or many people may not agree with my way. But when you find what it is that makes you authentic, you start to let go of all the things that you used to care about so profusely.

Showing who we really are to the world takes courage and strength, but when we show who we are to the world, we become a source of inspiration for others to show who they really are!


"No experience has been too unimportant, and the smallest event unfolds like a fate, and fate itself is like a wonderful, wide fabric in which every thread is guided by an infinitely tender hand, and laid alongside another thread, and is held and supported by a hundred others."

Rainer Maria Rilke

The vision becomes clear…

The more balance I gain in my life, the happier I become and the clearer the vision in my mind becomes of how I want my life to be. Things begin to make more sense, I go with the flow, my path becomes less hazy. But balance can only come from being healthy on all levels, which means that you have to assess what it is in your life that is making you lose balance. What is it that you have to let go of, what is it that you have to gain?

When we stop being what other people want us to be, when we stop focusing on what people think of us, when we stop doing things that aren’t in alignment with who we really are, we free ourselves. Freeing ourselves creates balance which creates clarity.

We all have a different vision for our lives but if we allow other people to decide what our vision is for us, we get lost…

"I have always been unsatisfied with life as most people live it. Always I want to live more intensely and richly. Why muck and conceal one’s true longings and loves, when by speaking of them one might find someone to understand them, and by acting on them one might discover oneself?"

Everett Ruess

Starting from the beginning…

I was taught about the Romans, Tudors and Victorians in school, limiting my understanding to these types of events. I was taught that there once existed Dinosaurs and that man once lived in caves, trained to believe that these were some of the most significant pieces of Earth history. But I wasn’t taught to wonder about advanced ancient civilisations, other life in the cosmos or the human spirit. It was like I had to believe that I was insignificant and my existence was without any particular meaning, just existing like the Romans, Tudors and Victorians, leading to extinction like the Dinosaurs.

I used to go into supermarkets and pick up anything off the shelves, filling my body with junk with the intent to only stimulate my senses, not even bothering to look at the ingredients on the back of the packaging. Nourishing my body was of no agenda, because I was taught that being healthy meant that you were a ‘do gooder’ or ‘taking life too seriously’, even though food is your heart and health is your life.

I used to watch advertisements that claimed that a certain product would perform a certain miracle. I’d venture out to the shops and buy the shampoo that was being advertised, thinking that it would make me a better person, believing that it would perform a miracle like it was claimed on the advert. Not observing that the people on the adverts were just actors and bad liars.

I used to watch the news and believe every word that the reporter was saying. Even though they were just reading off an auto queue, I trusted their serious, fearful mannerisms. I didn’t think to question what it was that they weren’t telling me, or why everything that I was being told was only negative in nature. I was so full of fear, the agenda had been fulfilled.

I used to watch reality TV and believe that talk of fashion and relationships was the only acceptable way to be. I thought I had to be that way, conforming to these expectations. It didn’t occur to me that these weren’t good role models for me and that it made me feel insecure, and the people on these shows were conforming to expectations and that they were insecure.

I used to think that the external world was reality in itself, the journey within didn’t exist to me and if anyone discussed the journey within it would travel right past me… 

Even though I grew up believing these things, there was still innate knowledge within me, just waiting for the right moments to surface. As soon as I woke up those few years ago,  I was a baby again, starting from the beginning.

Dream interpretation #20

The dream

I was balancing a ball on my foot which I managed to succeed at perfectly as the ball didn’t fall off, I then got congratulated for it. I walked away happily and took my hair out of the bun it was in so it was long and flowing, I was then walking through a busy shop smiling and, “I’ve got the power”, started playing. Even though the shop was filled with a lot of people, it didn’t stop me feeling confident and controlled. I was then given tonnes of money, there were lots of overflowing bags everywhere!

The interpretation…

This dream was a very positive sign, indicating that I am feeling more whole emotionally in my life which is making me feel empowered. This dream was also showing that I am starting to not care what people think about me which has enabled me to feel in control of myself. The money was a metaphor for ‘blessing’, a gentle reminder that I am gaining positive things in my life, an inner richness.

'You've come to a new understanding or realisation that you feel confident in doing something or achieving something. It could also be that you've learnt a lesson about focus, control and balance in order to make things happen for you. The money can represent many different things, from the energy to see something to fruition to opportunities you feel you now have or even ones that will be presented with your new found way of thinking.'

Inside the beautiful mind…

Inside the beautiful mind exists an inner stillness that connects with stillness for moments of peace. Inside the beautiful mind is a connection to all that is innocent in life, seeing innocence through the eyes of all that exists. Inside the beautiful mind exists waves of love, transpired outwardly in each fleeting moment.

The beautiful mind sees the beautiful mind in each person that they meet, for the beautiful mind will be the first thing that they will truly see. When there is a beautiful mind, there will be a real sense of peace, aiming to create peace in each moment that they meet.

The beautiful mind exists within us all, a whole world is within us, all it needs is the awareness that it’s ready to be explored!


Finding your definition…

If you spend your life assuming that your possessions and popularity define you, then that’s the only definition of life that you will get. We have to create meaning for ourselves and in that quest to create, we are shown meaning in the most interesting ways. When we die, we don’t take our possessions and popularity with us, so to assume that these things make us what we are is futile. Finding truth for ourselves starts off with a decision, to find truth or not to find truth. We all have our own truth of life because we each have a different pursuit of life. Truth exists within a paradox of a greater truth, finely tuned to each of us.

Finding your own definition is simple, you just have to take the initiative to find it. But you won’t find it nesting solely in the corners of other people’s realities, it exists in your own.

"When those painful moments come along that form a tide of anguish that sweeps away your hope, filling your mind with confusion and misery, feeling like you have lost something precious to you…well those moments are really just opportunities. They help you go within, they help you analyse your situation, they open a pathway of discovery to help you find your true purpose. In those moments, you feel like you are so lost but there is so much to gain, if only your future self could tap you on your shoulder to tell you that. Life presents you with these pathways when you are ready to face them and you will experience a series of ‘tests’ before they come to you. Walk the pathway that is being opened to you, or stay behind in your tide of anguish, what’s it going to be?"

Rebecca Leech